Christine Greeno

Services offered: Birth Doula Services, Placenta Encapsulation
Service area: Greater St. Louis region


Hi, I’m Christine.

At this time, I have another young baby and am not taking birth doula clients. I am still offering placenta encapsulation services.

I’ve been interested in birth since high school and started learning a little about what I wanted for my own birth right away. I attended my first birth 5 years later, the birth of a close friend, before I became pregnant. I didn’t really know about doulas at the time, but the supportive role I offered for her and her family, was a precursor to my journey to becoming a doula. It was something special that I (and they) will not forget. I became pregnant the following year and my real research and planning began.

My own two children were born at home with the help of midwives. Each birth was different, and I learned a lot from both! For my first child, my husband deployed to Iraq when I was 32 weeks pregnant. He did not return until our son was 4 months old. He was present for my second birth, but I learned that a doula really would have been helpful! I was surrounded by supportive people, but I needed someone who was there to help my husband know specifically how to support me, and someone who stayed focused on a couple of my birth priorities. My midwives were wonderful, but a doula would have been a great addition to my birth team!

As a newer doula, I am supplementing my doula training by shadowing and learning from my more experienced counterparts here at PLD. I am also currently accepting my own clients.

I desire to help women have the birth closest to their dreams. I am willing to attend births in and out of the hospital. I would like to help women learn their options and determine their own preferences for birth. I would like to educate women and help them to have a healthy pregnancy. I would like to support partners in their efforts to comfort, support, and help mom along her amazing journey.

If you feel we would be a good fit, I would love to interview with you and look forward to working with you!


Danielle: I would highly recommend Christine as a doula. Christine is a very compassionate doula and had no problem answering my millions of questions. She assisted my husband and I both more than we could have ever expected throughout the birth experience of our first child. I was extremely nervous and uneasy about the birth of our daughter and she did such an amazing job calming and supporting me. When we left for the hospital she came immediately and was there to comfort me and support my husband. When we considered an epidural, instead of telling us we shouldn’t do it, she supplied us with the pros and cons. I felt extremely comfortable and relaxed in her presence and felt that I could completely trust her. We were able to hold off for awhile but in the end we decided it was the best option for us and we felt no pressure on her part to not do the procedure. Unfortunately my OB doctor overpowered her with the push harder theory and because of the epidural I couldn’t feel how hard I was pushing and I ended up with third degree lacerations; she was able to help me with the relief and some healing techniques. Christine was such a huge asset in the entire prenatal and postnatal experience we made the decision that she would be at every and any future births, even if we had to buy her plane ticket to bring her to us (we are military)!

Experience, Availability and Pricing

  • Christine has been a doula for 2 years, and has attended 9 births.
  • Christine takes up to 2 doula clients per month. Price for doula services is $375-$425. Check Christine’s doula availability: DoulaMatch profile
  • Christine takes up to 2 placenta encapsulation clients per month. Christine does the encapsulation remotely and returns it to you. Check Placenta Encapsulation page for details and pricing.
  • Christine’s service area is the greater St. Louis region

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