Childbirth Education

BirthWorks Childbirth Education Classes are designed to develop confidence, trust, and faith in the ability to give birth and in the process of birth. BirthWorks classes are based on the belief that the knowledge about how to give birth already exists within. BirthWorks does not believe that we need to be taught how to give birth but rather works to build more trust and faith. BirthWorks is a process, not a method. Everyone will labor and birth in their own way. BirthWorks classes offer a unique and innovative design for childbirth education that integrates the mind, body, and spirit — an experience that goes far beyond learning just basics of the birth process.

Note for Mercy Birth Center patients: This class is an approved birth class that meets the requirements for both a full class or refresher class.

Childbirth Education is offered in St. Louis by: Sarah

Who will benefit from BirthWorks Classes?

  • Parents expecting their first child
  • Parents with previous birth experiences, whether vaginal or cesarean births
  • Parents pursuing a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)
  • Parents using any birth location (hospital, birth center, or home birth)

In all BirthWorks classes you will learn about:

  • Emotional preparation for birth: identifying and working through fears, tools for continued mental/emotional prep outside of class
  • Nutrition: how nutrition during pregnancy impacts the mother and baby, and discussing nutrition during labor/birth
  • Deep breathing, relaxation: how to use these as tools for a more comfortable labor/birth
  • Understanding the pelvis: the pelvis during labor/birth, the importance of labor positions and optimal fetal positioning
  • Exploring pain: Why do we have pain? What factors influence a person’s pain perception? What are the factors that literally increase or decrease sensations of pain? And how all this ties into birth preparation!
  • Birth environment: understanding how a woman’s labor environment affects her body’s ability to labor effectively, creating a positive birth environment
  • Medical interventions: understanding them, pros/cons/alternatives, informed decision-making, birth plans and strategies for effectively communicating with medical staff, understanding informed consent and patient rights
  • Beliefs: how a person’s beliefs affect their choices and feelings regarding pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum
  • Grieving, healing and preparing for unexpected birth outcomes
  • Holistic approach to the stages of labor: equipping couples with many tools to confidently work through each stage of labor, helping partners to understand all they can do to support the laboring woman during each stage
  • Variations of Normal: preparing couples with confidence to handle their unique labor (Examples: long labor, fast labor, back labor, stalled labor) as labor rarely is a “textbook experience”
  • Hands-on practice and labor tools for partners: learning how to read mother’s physical and verbal cues, physical and emotional support techniques, tools for communicating with medical staff, understanding of the progression of labor
  • The “fourth trimester”: understanding the unique design of newborns and how birth/early parenting affects them
  • Postpartum: preparing for the immediate postpartum period (first few hours and days after birth) and the long-term postpartum period (first few months following birth)
  • Feeding/breastfeeding: comprehensive breastfeeding education that includes learning about your feeding options, best practices for optimizing breastfeeding results, confidence in knowing baby is eating enough, pump basics, separating myths and facts, and more. For more information about the curriculum, details are available on the Intro to Breastfeeding page.

Nine-week BirthWorks Class Series covers even more topics, and with more depth.

Class Options

Three options for classes are offered to meet a wide range of needs and schedules: Nine-week BirthWorks Class Series and Private BirthWorks Sessions. All class participants receive a comprehensive workbook and have access to Sarah’s lending library. Both options include a comprehensive breastfeeding portion Additionally, Sarah is available to clients via phone or email at any time to answer questions, direct you to local resources or provide emotional support.

Sarah firmly believes that every couple should have access to holistic birth preparation and she is committed to working with those experiencing financial hardship. If you are genuinely interested in these services, please do not hesitate based on cost alone.


Prices are listed under each class option. Prices are subject to change.

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