Sarah Baker

Credentials/education: Certified Childbirth Educator—BirthWorks, Intl.
Services offered: Birth Doula Services, Childbirth Education, Placenta Encapsulation
Service area: Greater St. Louis region


Hi, I’m Sarah and I have been a certified childbirth educator with BirthWorks, International since 2010, a labor doula since 2011, and a placenta encapsulator since 2012. Birth work is my passion and while it is my career, it is so much more than that. I absolutely love working with expectant parents and the fulfillment that comes with it can’t be matched by any of my previous jobs.

I believe that there are several fundamental components necessary for a physically and emotionally healthy birth: one of these is holistic childbirth education; another is to hire a doula. As a birth professional, it’s so exciting to offer both of these essential services!

As an educator and doula, I will meet you in your unique circumstances and will support you throughout your journey.

Doula Work

I have experience working with couples preparing to birth in different locations (hospital, birth center or home) and am well-acquainted with the unique needs that come with each location.

It’s exciting working with both first-time parents and those who given birth previously. Additionally, my holistic approach and experience is a valuable benefit to women with a previous negative birth and/or those planning a VBAC, as they are often needing both emotional healing from their previous birth AND preparation for their upcoming birth.

Childbirth Education

Most doulas also encourage their clients to take a childbirth class, as the doula’s prenatal visits simply aren’t enough time to adequately prepare a couple for labor/birth. Because of BirthWorks’ unique, holistic approach, I know that my class participants, are going to be well prepared for labor/birth — physically, mentally and emotionally. By the time our class is done, their confidence has grown, their fears have reduced and they are well-educated on all the aspects necessary for a healthy, positive birth.

Since I know what a difference BirthWorks classes make and because we already spent time getting acquainted during our classes, and learning a couple’s birth desires, I especially love when couples sign up for both BirthWorks classes and doula services. We can spend our prenatal visits finalizing their plans and getting to know their specific needs, so I can support them most effectively during their birth. Then when labor begins, I can assist my clients in utilizing everything that they’ve learned in my class. This process offers a unique continuity of care that is transformative for my clients, and very meaningful to me!

Placenta Encapsulation

Because I personally experienced the positive benefits of placenta encapsulation following my second birth, I love being able to offer this service to not only my own doula clients and BirthWorks class participants, but to any woman in the area who desires it!

I look forward to hearing from you!


Amanda and Nick: My husband and I choose to seek a doula due to a very difficult and emotionally negative birth experience with our son. Sarah came highly recommended by a friend who had taken her BirthWorks class….We attended Sarah’s 8 week BirthWorks course, through which both my husband and I gained knowledge and confidence in ourselves and my body.…Throughout my labor and birth of my son, she helped me stay focused and calm. She supported my birth plan and helped us advocate for our birth. Not only was our experience with Sarah empowering for me, but our experience gave my husband confidence in his role in the birth process. Sarah Baker has a calming presence that was essential to my birth. I am grateful for what I learned from her, as well as her ability to support me in the way that catered to my specific needs. Thank you Sarah for all you do!!

Leah and Jonathan: Sarah provided exactly the right blend of comforting warmth and professionalism. We were especially thankful for the helpful information she provided on tough parenting decisions, the support that she gave during a very exhausting labor, and for the way that she empowered us and demonstrated trust in our ability to make good parenting decisions. Sarah was very considerate of our needs and desires and she was a very reassuring presence when we were doubting our own strength and ability to persevere throughout the labor process. We are grateful for all that Sarah has done, as both our doula and our birth instructor, to help us experience the beautiful, memorable birth of our precious baby boy. Thanks, Sarah!

Chelsea: I am so happy to be able to say that not only did I have a “natural” birth, I felt EMPOWERED through the process. THAT is the biggest blessing of my personal journey through this entire process and that is exactly what Sarah Baker led me to with her knowledge, sharing of information and gentle and kind nature. (Not to mention her amazing ability to reduce lower back pain during labor!)

I felt strong and I felt like I knew what I was doing… even in the face of the biggest unknown of my 34 years. By my son’s birthday, I was a pillar; strong, stable and prepared. All of this, thanks to Sarah’s guidance, friendship, knowledge and sharing during her [BirthWorks] class.

Experience, Availability and Pricing

  • Sarah has been a doula for 6 years, and has attended 55 births.
  • Sarah takes 3 doula clients per month. Price for doula services is $950-$1050.
  • Sarah’s childbirth education classes vary in price, depending on which class you choose.  To read more about the three class options, please see the details on the Childbirth Education page.
  • Sarah takes up to 4 placenta encapsulation clients per month. Sarah does the encapsulation remotely and returns it to you. Check Placenta Encapsulation page for details and pricing.
  • Sarah’s service area is the greater St. Louis region

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