Postpartum Doula Services

Do you know you will need assistance while you heal/recover from birth, whether vaginal or c-section?

Have you ever felt like you will be alone, isolated, or without enough emotional or physical support after the birth of your baby?

Or do you simply want someone there to offer you support and assistance and make your post-birth recovery and adjustment easier?

Most people are familiar with the terms baby nanny, newborn nanny, night nanny, and baby nurse. But postpartum doula might be a new term to you.  We take care of your baby, but in a way that includes you, and we also care for you — because when you feel supported and cared for your stress is lessened, the family bond is strengthened, and you can relax and enjoy your new baby.

Our postpartum doulas will respect your choices and nurture your new family so that you can bond without the stress or worry that comes with adjusting to a new baby.

As a postpartum doula, our role is to:

  • help families adjust to this new normal by helping you learn and understand normal newborn behavior,
  • help keep up with household tasks,
  • offer options for making the newborn period a little easier, and
  • provide assistance with feeding to help families meet their feeding goals.

Our postpartum doulas support:

  • first-time parents
  • single parents
  • military families
  • those without local family
  • parents of multiples
  • parents through surrogacy/gestational carrier
  • parents on bed rest prior to birth needing extra support
  • parents going through fertility treatments needing extra support
  • any parent or family who wants help during this life transition

As postpartum doulas, we can:

  • Assist with baby care, such as feeding (including breastfeeding/chestfeeding and bottle feeding), diapering, babywearing and more, and also help you learn if you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure
  • Give insight and reassurance about normal newborn behavior
  • Provide baby care while parents shower, eat, sleep, etc.
  • Support and facilitate bonding with your new baby
  • Be an extra pair of hands while you heal from vaginal or caesarian birth
  • Do light household tasks (laundry, dishes)
  • Prepare meals
  • Run errands on your behalf
  • Provide referrals for additional support

Options, Pricing & Availability

For postpartum doula support in St. Louis, please check with individual providers for details.

Postpartum Doula Services are currently offered by Becca and Melany.


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