Breastfeeding and Lactation Services

Purple Lotus Doulas offers support for infant feeding options provided by a Certified Lactation Counselor, including: breastfeeding help, miscellaneous lactation support, information about combination feeding, and info for bottle-feeding mothers. If you have a need that you feel isn’t covered here, customized support options are available.

Lactation services are offered by: Becca

Infant Feeding Classes: Intro to Breastfeeding

Infant Feeding Classes: Pump Prep

One-Time Visit (Prenatal or Postpartum)

Quick Questions by Phone/Email

Sometimes you have a quick question and just need information, support, or a referral.
No charge

Long Phone Consultations

Sometimes quick questions turn into longer conversations, or sometimes meeting in-person isn’t an option and there are immediate needs. While this option should not be used in place of a One-Time Visit to assess/address issues, sometimes it is necessary.
Case-by-case basis

Distance Surcharge

The prices listed include travel (as applicable) to up to 20 miles from 63119. For client meetings more than 20 miles, a surcharge will be assessed per trip. If you’d like to combine appointments to reduce surcharges, please let Becca know. (Example: Combining the last postpartum visit of Ongoing Support with Pump Prep.)
$0.50 surcharge per additional mile

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