We’re Looking to Add More Doulas

Why consider joining a doula collective?

Purple Lotus Doulas was the very first birth collective of its kind in the St. Louis metro area, founded in 2010, and continues to be one of the most well-respected birth businesses in our region.

We are professionals who provide experienced, full-spectrum and compassionate pregnancy, birth and postpartum services to individuals and families of diverse socio-economic backgrounds, races, ethnicities, ages, belief systems, sexual orientations, gender identity, ability and health statuses, family structures, and birth choices/outcomes.

Most doulas work in solo practice or, more rarely, in partnership with another doula. This makes our collective unique and recognizable and we offer not only birth and postpartum doula services, but also lactation counseling, placenta encapsulation, childbirth classes, and essential oil education, providing continuity of care to our clients.

A little bit about our collective:

We are not quite like solo doulas, and we are not like an agency. We don’t have an owner, like an agency would. We make our decisions by group consensus and there is no agency fee or cut. We interview and accept our own individual clients, similar to how a solo doula would, but we also provide our own internal backup system for each other and we also support each other, not just in business but as friends, as well.

Because the collective includes experienced doulas, it’s an excellent opportunity for a newer doula to receive valuable training from, bounce ideas off of, and have the opportunity to shadow more experienced doulas.

If you are interested, please send us an email to info@purplelotusdoulas.com.

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