Birth Doula Services

We believe every birth deserves a doula. This is your birth journey. We provide physical, emotional, and informational support before, during, and shortly after your birth experience.

We are professionals who strive to provide knowledgeable and compassionate pregnancy, birth and postpartum services to individuals and families of diverse socio-economic backgrounds, races, ethnicities, ages, belief systems, sexual orientations, gender identities, ability and health statuses, family structures, and birth choices/outcomes.

Birth Doula Services are offered in St. Louis by: Traci, Sarah, Christine, and Melany.
Birth Doula services will be offered in Central Illinois by: Lynn

What is a doula?

The term doula comes from a Greek word meaning “to serve.” Birth doulas serve and support expectant women/parents and their partners/family during pregnancy, labor, birth and immediate postpartum period. Doulas provide emotional support, physical support and informational support.

Why is having a doula helpful?

Studies have shown that those supported by doulas have fewer complications, fewer requests for pain meds and report that their overall birth experience was more positive.

How to Choose a Doula

The best way to choose your doula is to consider the fact that the doula will be present at your birth, and possibly providing in-home support at a time when you may feel vulnerable.

Ask yourself with whom you feel the most comfortable. Just what are you looking for? What helps you when you are feeling stressed? Information, humor, kindness, massage, a flexible attitude, a good listener?

Are you looking for a mother figure or more of a big sister? The personality and beliefs of your doula may well be more important than any other individual factor.

In the final decision, trust your gut. You never know whether the a less-experienced doula or a seasoned doula will resonate best with you and your partner.

See more details and a list of potential questions as you interview doulas in this blog post.


Prices vary by provider, based on factors such as experience, certifications and service area. Please follow the links to the individual Bio & Testimonial page for each doula for details.

If cost is a concern for you, please don’t let let that stop you from interviewing. We can work with you on payment options for your birth.

Greater St. Louis Area

Traci, 7 years of experience and 87 births attended: $750-$900
Sarah, 6 years of experience and 55 births attended: $950-$1050
Christine, 2 years of experience and 9 births attended: $375-$425
Melany, 2 years of experience and 13 births attended: $700-$750

Central Illinois

Lynn, 5 years of experience and 40 births attended: $350-$600

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