Traci Kennebeck

Credentials/education: DONA trained, certified Hypnobabies Hypno-doula (HCHD), certified essential oil consultant
Services offered: Birth Doula Services, Placenta Encapsulation, Essential Oils
Service area: Greater St. Louis region and South-Central IL


Hi, I’m Traci and I’ve been a birth doula for over 6 years. I completed my training with DONA after the birth of my first child.

Although I wasn’t unhappy with my first birth experience (it’s not what I would choose today, but it was appropriate for where I “was” at the time), I realized that even though I felt I was a well-educated, childbirth “researched,” and steadfast woman, I really could have benefitted from having someone other than my husband, family, and hospital staff there with me during the journey.

Over the next year as I met with other new moms and heard their birth stories, I just knew that a labor support role was just right for me. It combined so many of my interests and passions.

I worked as a hospital doula at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Belleville, IL for two years. During my time at St. E’s, I was able to experience a variety of birth situations including:

  • c-sections (scheduled and “emergency”),
  • medicated labors,
  • augmented labors,
  • natural labors,
  • premature births,
  • high-risk moms,
  • long labors,
  • adoptive birth mothers,
  • midwife-delivered births,
  • young moms

I might not otherwise have had the opportunity to experience these labors exclusively as a private doula. Although I’m grateful for these experiences, I really treasure the privilege of working with private clients and the relationship that we develop as we prepare for their birthing time.

I believe that so much of choosing the right doula for you is about meeting with that doula and deciding if she’s a “good fit” for your personality and your birth journey. I view a woman’s birthing time as a joyous event, one to be celebrated and enjoyed. As her baby nears earthside, she needs to turn inward and find her strength, while feeling safe and supported. My role is to appropriately assist and encourage her during these transformative moments, which differ based on the choices she has made, her body and what baby decides to do! My role is not only to support mama, but also to assist and support her ‘labor support team’ (whether that be their spouse, partner, parent, sister, etc.) This allows them to not only be cared for and encouraged, but frees them to enjoy the experience as well, without having to worry about what they may be forgetting to do or if they are ‘doing it right’.

I am also a Hypnobabies certified Hypno-doula and have had the pleasure of attending many births where the mother employed hypnosis. These births demanded a variety of support skills, many of which were outside the training/experience of a ‘traditional’ doula. If you are using Hypnobabies for your birthing time, I highly suggest you seek an experienced Hypno-doula like myself to assist you.

I’d love to meet with you (or chat over the phone) and I’d be honored if you chose me to provide emotional, physical and informational support for you during your birth journey.


Blaike C.: Our birth experience with Traci Kennebeck was nothing like I expected it to be, yet I wouldn’t change a thing. Traci was helpful and supportive all throughout my labor. When things got more intense, Traci was there to make sure we knew all was well. The unexpected part? I delivered my baby girl in the hospital parking lot into Traci’s hands. Our birth plan wasn’t much of a concern at that point, but once we got up to the delivery room (with our newborn baby girl) Traci was my voice. She made sure everyone knew my wishes and I didn’t have to worry about a thing. Our personalities meshed from the beginning and she was such an asset to our birth experience. I would highly recommend Purple Lotus Doulas and especially Traci Kennebeck.

Jami B.: I almost lack the words necessary to express the gratitude I feel towards Traci for helping to make my birthing experience perfect for me. Traci truly prepared me and my husband for the unexpected in our meetings before the birth, and tailored her planning and preparation to fit our needs. She was an amazing partner to us as we worked our way through labor and delivery. Her warmth, compassion, experience and passion carried me through a difficult labor. Although things never go exactly as planned, in the end, I walked away feeling like I had the perfect delivery for me. I can assure you that we will have Traci with us next time around!

Amanda M.: My partner Julie and I hired Traci to be our doula after deciding to have a natural childbirth experience. We met with her very early on in our pregnancy and knew she was the right person for us because of how we hit it off at the initial meeting. Julie and Traci especially got along very well, and that was one of the big reasons we picked her. Even though the doula is there to give the birth mother the experience that she wants, the truth was that Traci helped Julie so much during labor to be there for me that we both agree we couldn’t have done it without her. Our labor time, at the hospital, was 33 hours, including the C-section. Traci was with us through a very difficult labor because: my water broke without contractions; Pitocin got the contractions going, but very little dilation; horrible back labor and lack of dilation led to an epidural & internal fetal heart monitoring; after stopping labor to keep our son out of distress and then restarting it and then having a successful full day of labor that led to pushing, but no vaginal birth due to the way our son was turned; then the doctor said it was time to do the C-section because he wasn’t coming out. Throughout all of this, Traci was there with us. My partner Julie swears that if it hadn’t been for Traci, she would have lost it altogether because of the time and all the interventions. Honestly, at the end of it all, we felt like a good friend had been there with us, instead of this person we had only known for a short while. If we had the money, Julie wanted to pay her double her fee because of how amazing and supportive she was. When we have our second child, we will be hiring her.

Experience, Availability and Pricing

  • Traci has been a doula for 7 years, and has attended 87 births.
  • Traci takes up to 2 doula clients per month. Price for doula services is $750-$900. Check Traci’s doula availability: DoulaMatch profile
  • Traci takes up to 8 placenta encapsulation clients per month. Traci does the encapsulation in your home. Check Placenta Encapsulation page for details and pricing.
  • Traci’s service area is the greater St. Louis region

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